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Our boats will allow the discovery of every corner of the Delta, due to its short draught and light structure; also its gentle displacement does not scare the fauna, permitting the entrance to shallow waters, rarely navigated by another tourist craft.

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With Natventure.

El Descanso


A Natventure exclusive. This is a journey for classy nature lovers. Ideal for corporate groups.


Incredible tour across several of the most important rivers on the First Island Section of Parana Delta: Río Luján, Canal de Vinculación, Río Capitán, Río San Antonio, Sarmiento y Arroyo Espera.
Throughout the approximate 2 hour navigation, we will get a great sightseeing of important and attractive buildings such as: traditional rowing clubs, Tigre Art Museum (better known as "Tigre Hotel") and Sarmiento Museum.
At the end of the journey we would have learned about the singular life of people in Delta: their houses, schools churchs and places of leisure, frequently chosen by local people who like to enjoy nature a few km away from the city.


11:00 hs. | Meeting point: Complejo Náutico ALBARDÓN. Audiovisual showing about Delta during brunch.

11:20 hs. | Boarding and about one hour navigation, through circuit IV : Luján river, Vinculación channel, Urión river, Borasso stream, Arroyón stream, Dorado stream, San Antonio river, Capitán river, Sarmiento river. Disembark at Isla El Descanso.

12:40 hs. | Lunch at Isla El Descanso. Asado, salads and dessert (drinks not included).

13:40 hs. | Typical bird sight seeing, in natural ponds. Ecological walk through trekking prepared paths.

14:20 hs. | Boarding and sailing through: Sarmiento river, Espera stream, Rama Negra Chico stream, Rama Negra stream, San Antonio river, Sarmiento river, Luján river ( up to Tigre Art Museum).

16:00 hs. | Arrival at Complejo Naútico Albardón.


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